About Anne

book_author_image_2016-06-20_1224Anne Uemura, PhD, has many traditional achievements in her background. After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Philosophy, she taught at the college level for ten years. Her Socratic style led her to question the direction of her own life, which led to a PhD in Clinical Psychology at University of Maine. A predoctoral fellowship at UC-San Francisco followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at UC-Berkeley situated her permanently in California.

Transition to Move Out-of-the Box

After thirteen years as a counseling psychologist for troubled, promising students in workshops, group, and individual counseling at UC-Berkeley, Anne retired to a small private practice in Napa, California. The leisure of this period of midlife afforded her the opportunity to explore nontraditional studies and training. Anne sees her life as a testimony to the riches of achievement through traditional means. But more important, she is eager to tell you about how much more there is when you move to the out-of-the-box principles and concepts.  For her, this transition eventually led her to write her groundbreaking book, Listen to the Cries of Your Heart.

Exploration into and teaching about the treasures of midlife comes directly from Anne’s personal and professional experiences. The personal ones include an empty nest, marriage, divorce, retirement, illness, and death among friends and family. The professional ones include studies with

  • Toltec teachers (former apprentices of Don Miguel, author of The Four Agreements),
  • Ericksonian hypnotists,
  • Barbara Brennan’s energy science,
  • Coaching with Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor, participants in The Secret, and
  • enlightened teachers in books and in person.

She embraces the positive model of life coaching as well as current change technologies of Psych-K (based on the Biology of Beliefs), Chris Howard’s Neurological Repatterning, and Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics.

You are Unique

Anne’s teaching reflects a profound appreciation of the uniqueness of her life path and the need to honor the same in others. In the end, each person’s search for more in life is about finding the more inside, whether you call it heart or potential.

In order to move forward, however, Anne emphasizes the influence of early childhood experiences and societal conditioning on beliefs, values, and models. She combines the appreciation of the traditional psychotherapy model of combing through past traumas with the necessity of moving forward. This means releasing the limitations of the past and learning to be “at cause” everywhere in life. All the practices and techniques gathered from cutting-edge technologies and from ancient teachings enhance her offerings.

Knowing full well that she’s a work in progress, Anne is pleased to recognize this state as her chosen destiny. Her youthful spirit is ever open, always curious, and growing in awareness and in loving-kindness. She delights in seeing people blooming fresh versions of themselves and inspiring others by their example.

Anne offers individual coaching, workshops, classes, presentations, and monthly newsletters.

Focus is Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

Anne in her Internet Marketing career over four years has created many websites.  She sees this one site as the only one reflecting her life purpose:  to be an influence on people seeking self-growth, self-empowerment, personal development, inner healing, especially a journey included dealing with the dark influences in our lives today.

Although her offerings sit perfectly in the arena of personal development, the heart of her work is about Spirit.  The innocent heart that we each had, and because of life circumstances become covered with layers of protection is available to us.  The aim is to reach the original innocent heart with which we began our lives, before we knew separation.

The message of the undefended heart is from a Course in Miracles (ACIM) and from other spiritual traditions, especially as taught by my current teacher, Miranda Macpherson.

I hope that those on the spiritual path will include this healing of their hearts as part of their journey to embody Present-ness, Light and Love.